Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Yesterday Our class did hockey. We learnt how to dribble the ball back and fourth. We played a game called Creep Up Jack. The  first person to  get to the coach was  Mikayla. The rules were you have to stay still as well as your ball.😲  She would sometimes trick us by saying " I'm going to turn around now" and then she would just turn around ever so slightly and yell " TRICKED YOU!" she would scare us all.  the lady that took us was from the local hockey club and was very nice, too. we were originally not going to go do hockey but then one of the teachers offered us the lesson because she was to busy.  I loved💛 the hockey lesson and now I will be better at hockey including the whole class.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My playdate

In the holidays I had a play date with Drishti. She is my best friend. Since I had a builder at my house, we had to go play at my Nanny's house. we went up there in our car and  I told Drishti about the window we have you can see all the boats and boulder bank. she was  soooo excited. we had my computer up there because the night before i stayed at my Nana's house. we got there and I said to Drishti " I have a prodigy account!" she was so excited to here that because she always asks me if I have a prodigy account yet. so she went on my computer and I went on my nanas so we went on the prodigy world Bubble Bay.we did a friend request first and then a battle. sadly Drishti won. but thats only because she had 400 hearts and I only had 159 . after we did that we decided to go into the guest room. luckily my aunty coll  just left 5 days ago. I said" maybe we can play with summer and Skye?" she said "who is summer and Skye?" I said ill show you.  I took out two dolls and they were about up to my shoulder. the one wearing the the yellow dress is summer and the one with the blue dress is Skye. we pretended that I was the best chef in the world and she was my daughter along with summer and Skye.  Skye was sick and I made her some delicious soup.  then after we finished playing we did some drawing and asked for some crackers and cheese with gerkins. then after 2 hours of playtime at my Nanas we went back to my house and spent another hour on the trampoline. then it was time for Drishti to go home. I had the best time ever!!!!!! I cant wait to have another play.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yesterday i went to netball. i was very excited because i had not been for a looooooong time because i was sick. we play at Saxton netball courts. i went with my sister ruby and my mum.  my mum dropped me and my sister off while she went to find a park. i ran so quickly i forgot all about my sister looking after me and just went strait to my netball coach. she said it was nice to have me back. she said we were playing the netball team saint paul's angels.  for the first quarter I was playing a witch stands for attack. in a you shoot the goals and try and get the ball of the other team. ( well thats what you do in every position.)  im not very good at shooting goals but atleast i try.
 i love playing d witch stands for defence.  i love it because you defeend the other team and run around  alot.            so i started to run around and i chose to verse a girl called charlie. she was up to my shoulder.  we  were so fast together. she always got the ball but when she would throw the ball i would always deefend  and catch it of her. i got two goals and maia and rosie got the reast. the score was 9 6. we won so we beat them by three. i loved the game because it was fun and energetic. when im older i want to be a silver fern if i could. i love netball.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Milly is a...

 Milly is a  bright pink, fast Ferrari going as fast as a tornado down the city road.  
Milly is a pink and purple palace nail salon with a special northern lights show at the night, as well as a girls clothing shop.
Milly is the beautiful brook sanctuary where the birds sing and flap their wings on the green leafy trees.
Milly is a spicy, hot as a lava volcano Indian masala with oozing, calming butter chicken sauce spread over crunchy, yummy naan bread.
Milly is a sparkly,gold,diamond decorated, expensive, Indian Sari with black beauty diamonds spots on it.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hi my name is Milly. I am 7 years old. My favourite food is Indian. I have 1 cat and 2 fish.  My favourite sport is Gymnastics. My favourite skill would have to be a straddle handstand. I have one older sister who teaches me gymnastics.My friends are Mina,Casey,Freya,Piper G ,Jo, Jaide, Piper S, Mikayla , Eva, Taylah, Rosa and Jazmine. They are all so cheerful, kind and smart.                   My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to dance, climb trees, do gymnastics or draw.               My top 3 animals would have to be pandas, bunny rabbits and cats. They are so cute!!!!